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Tips from Our Austin Roofing Contractors

Check out the most recent articles from TurnKey Roofing of Texas for home improvement and roofing tips from our Austin roofing contractors.

How Our Waterproofing Services Can Protect Your Austin, TX, Home

roof inspections austin txThe first and most obvious service a roofing contractor provides is, naturally enough, a roofing repair. A damaged roof can provide the fastest means for water to work its way into your Austin home… Read More

How You Can Benefit From Regular Roof Inspections

roof inspections austin txAs an homeowner, you have countless tasks on your to-do list. However, one that should take precedence is scheduling your roof inspection in Austin. Yet, unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly neglected projects, something homeowners tend to put on the back burner … Read More

How To Not Be a Victim When it Comes to Storm Repairs in Austin

storm repairs austin txThe aftermath of severe weather related activity is never fun to deal with. If you are lucky, you can at least be grateful that you and your loves ones are unscathed. Yet, then comes the task of dealing with the cleanup and, in many cases, storm repairs in Austin. … Read More

Will You Know How to Identify These Common Roof Problems?

roof repairs austin txThe common misconception homeowners have is that they don't need to do anything with their roof, until something goes wrong. Getting roof inspections twice annually and in the aftermath of a severe storm event is the best approach to proactive preventative maintenance. This will help you to avoid the need for roof repairs in Austin in the first place, saving your time, hassle and money. … Read More

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